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by Mark Overgaard

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Mark Overgaard and his remarkable imagery

After a long software and systems architecture technology career, Mark Overgaard has increasingly immersed himself in photography since he acquired a low end DSLR camera to help document a reunion of his high school class in 2010. He has brought to photography the same intense (some would say “manic”) focus that he applies to his technology specialties and hopes to continue that engagement long into his retirement years.

After an initial emphasis on landscapes, Mark has successively added wildlife and people photography to his interests. Each new area has come with welcome technical and aesthetic challenges. Mark aims to create remarkable imagery of people, wildlife and landscapes and is delighted to share the results of his quest via this website.

Mark initially focused on imagery opportunities on "left side" of the U.S. and near to his home  in California. Since a magical 2012 photo safari in Kenya, however, he has traveled more widely,  frequently with a photography emphasis.

Mark was born in Thailand of missionary parents and was well-traveled in his youth, with 13 distinct schools by eighth grade and a high school that moved across three sites in separate Southeast Asian countries during his time there,  These days, his travel is partially fueled by over two million frequent flyer miles that he accumulated during his technology career.

Boat and rice harvest in Northern Vietnam

The Ngo Dong River, near Tam Coc in northern Vietnam, flows through a valley formed by steep karst rock formations, flooding rice fields that are tended by local villagers. Mark's shirt in this photo identifies him as an alumnus of Dalat School, which was located in Dalat, southern Vietnam, until it was evacuated to Bangkok, Thailand during the Vietnam War. The school then moved to Malaysia, where it is now located on the island of Penang and called Dalat International School. Photo courtesy of Gavriel Jecan.

The Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve is located near Moss Landing, along the Pacific Coast. Long lenses like the one pictured here can help capture compelling portraits of the abundant wildlife that live here, including sea otters, California sea lions and other mammals, plus brown pelicans and hundreds of other bird species, both resident and migratory.

Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve, California

The lighthouse at the Pigeon Point Light Station was first lit in 1872 and has reliably served mariners along the rocky coast south of San Francisco since then. It was and still is the tallest lighthouse on the west coast. It was crowned with a 16 foot tall, 6 foot wide, 2000 pound    first-order Fresnel lens comprised of 1008 prisms, lit in its later years with one of two 1000 Watt bulbs. If the active bulb burned out, the replacement bulb would automatically rotate into place.

In late 2011, just before the lens was removed from the lighthouse tower for refurbishment, Mark was privileged to join a couple other photographers for several photo sessions inside the lighthouse, including inside the lens. The beauty and enduring qualities of this lighthouse so inspired Mark that he named his newly  formed company after it in 1997.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Osborn.

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